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Maria Freeman smilingExecutive Director
Maria Freeman
T: 204.482.5435 ext 103




Liz Fey smilingDirector of Administration
Liz Fey
T: 204.482.5435 ext. 104




Tracey Cyncora smilingDirector of Human Resource
Tracey Cyncora
T: 204.785.9723 ext: 201




Blair Konyk smilingDirector of Residential Services
Blair Konyk
T: 204.785.2929 ext 305




Cheryle Bacon smilingDirector of Community Development
Cheryle Bacon
T: 204-785-9723 ext 202




Sharon Holmes smilingDirector of Day Service
Sharon Holmes
T: 204.482.5435 ext. 108




Alyssa Freeman smilingSocial Enterprise Manager
Alyssa Freeman
T: 204.482.7734