What We Do

  • Match you with a trained, experienced employee whose skills you are looking for
  • Connect you with financial supports such as wage subsidies when available
  • Provide a job coach who will:
    • Assist with orientation and training - if needed
    • Provide check ins based on need
    • Assisting with adaptions, if needed
  • Provide follow-up to ensure the match runs smoothly for your and your new employee
    • Assistance in trouble shooting if needed
    • Support through employment issues such as discipline meetings
  • Provide information to staff teams about being an inclusive workplace
  • Provide information on job carving to address the specific needs of your business

Prior to paid employment, we provide candidates with opportunities for things such as:

  • Essential skills training
  • Volunteer work experience at non-profit or community organizations
  • Retail training and work experience at Wishme, formerly known as "Community Threads"
  • Restaurant training and work experience at Riverside Grill
  • Referrals to additional training, if applicable

See Employment Skills Day Program for details.

What You Do

  • Connect with us about potential job opportunities
  • Connect with us about the tasks you have trouble getting done, areas that need improvement to see if we can job carve a position to meet the gaps in your business
  • Fill out an application for wage subsidies, if applicable
  • Provide your new employee with a workplace orientation
  • Connect with us if additional supports are needed due to changing technology, a change in job description or in role

What You Gain

  • A loyal employee
  • Become an inclusive employer
  • Resources to be successful as an inclusive employer
  • Wage subsidies, when eligible

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