Riverside Grill

Starting July 1, 2023, Selkirk’s eatery the Mighty Kiwi has moved into the Riverside Grill (386 Eveline) allowing this 1950s diner to have another great life. Follow the Kiwi’s hours and specials on Instagram and on Facebook.

Riverside Grill is a social enterprise owned by Inclusion Selkirk. Our restaurant works toward earning a profit while contributing to social good - providing volunteer work placements for people living with intellectual disabilities who want to:

  • Train to work in the kitchen, as a waitress, or in a customer service role
  • Gain experience and comfort in the restaurant industry
  • Develop skills that can be used to acquire another job.

Riverside Grill training includes:

  • Employers' expectations regarding attendance, vacation and appointments
  • Dealing with the public in a customer service role
  • Interacting with co-workers.

Working at the Riverside Grill is helping me to develop my cooking skills by preparing food. Before I started at the Grill, my memory was not very good as I could only do small tasks one at a time but now I can multi-task. I enjoy working at the Grill.


Riverside Grill