Transition Planning

Planning is the key to success. We are here to help support you through the following transition phases:

1. Birth to School

  • Connect you with services such as Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy
  • Investigate service and support options.

2. School Years
Connect you with families/support groups to help you through:

  • Pre-School to School
  • Elementary to Junior High
  • Junior High to High School
  • High School to Employment

Students with specific program needs may require an annual transition meeting.

3. Transition from Children's to Adult Services

The transition process takes time.  Contact us at age 16 to get started.

The transition from Children's Special Services to Adult Services occurs at age 18. This can affect many things such as:

  • New Community Services Worker
  • Respite funding
  • Access to services/funding levels

New things to investigate and apply for may include:

  • Employment and Income Assistance
  • Disability Tax Credit
  • Vulnerable Persons Act Legislation
  • Planning for life after school

4. Life After School
What comes after school for you or your loved one? We're here to help you figure that out:

  • Connect you to Inclusion Selkirk programs and services that suit your needs
  • If needed, connect you to other, more suitable, programs and services